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1050 Victoria
Prince George, BC V2L 2L2
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Manager's Note

RK Furniture Gallery was born from a vision. A vision to offer our community unique and quality home furnishing not available at the average retailer. We wanted our clients to be able to get quality,designer/magazine inspired furnishings for their home right here in Prince George and not travel to major centres. Over the years a very distinct merchandising structure has developed. We deal with a dozen or so key suppliers, mostly Canadian, and the store is laid out in galleries representing each brand and what it has to offer. CDI Furniture is a perfect and natural fit for RK Furniture Gallery. We have just installed a beautiful new gallery featuring raw and rustic barnwood walls to really capture and offset the uniqueness of the CDI brand. Being a northern town where lumber has been a major industry for us, the appreciation of the raw materials and reclaimed woods being used in the furniture is appreciated by our clients.
We are excited to be able to add unique show pieces to our clients' homes to add warmth and character to their living spaces. From my perspective, the overall culture and vision of the CDI company is also exciting to be a part of. They are a growing company with passion for what they do, not unlike RK. We are excited to launch this new gallery and partnership! - Sonica Kandola, Gallery Manager