"The desire to create is one the deepest
yearning of the human soul"
Diefer F. Uchdorf

David Ouaknine / CEO


CEO & Creative Director

Avi Tenzer / CO-Creative Director


Co-Creative Director

Omar Bakir / Design Director


Design Director

Andres Montoya / Designer



Audrey Forrest / Designer



Our team of in-house designers travels the world to find the very best materials and discover the latest manufacturing processes. We are proud of being among the first to know about latest style trends and industry designs, turning our carefully honed knowledge into signature pieces designed to wow customers and command a room. CDI’s innovative, inspiring designs are what set us apart from the competition and have become the very foundation for our consistent success in the industry.

It’s through the raw talent of the clever designers from around the globe that CDI Furniture defines and crafts its collections. The passion and determination that inhabits the design studio defines our enthusiasm for furniture creation. With freedom to experiment and push boundaries, the designers are able to create signature pieces that are sure to stand the test of time.