Welcome to the Container Builder!

It's an easy online shopping experience where you will be able to build and import your CDI Furniture containers from our factories in Asia.
Follow these simple steps below to get started!


Adding products to your container

  • When shopping for products, you may ‘Add to Container’ which will begin building your very own container.

  • Each zone has its own MOQ (minimum order quantity) per product, there is no maximum.

Browsing by zone

Our factories are categorized by “zones”. You may fill a container only with products from the same zone. In order to purchase items from different zones, you must build a container for each.

  • To view all products available from each zone, use the drop-down menu in the filters to select the zone you would like to browse.

Access pending containers by Zone

You may access “My Containers” by clicking on “My Account” in the top right of the navigation bar. Once inside your dashboard, you may view the details of each pending container order by:

  • Clicking on “My Containers” in the left navigation menu.

  • Clicking on “View” beside on the container line item.

Viewing/modifying your container order

  • Once inside your container order, you may modify the quantity by entering a new value in the QTY field and clicking on “Update Container” button.

  • The amount of product you can add to a container is based on the CBM (cubic meter) value of the container. The container is automatically set to a 20’ container, but you may increase the size of the container to a 40’ container by clicking on “Switch to 40ft. Container”

  • The total, maximum, minimum and available CBMs within the container are indicated below the “Clear Container” button. You will only be able to proceed to checkout once the amount of product in the container is in between the minimum and maximum CBM value for that size container.

  • Once you have added sufficient product quantities to your container, meaning the required CBMs have been filled, you may proceed to checkout.

Shopping Cart

  • In the Shopping Cart, you will see all the details of your container order. The next step is to “Proceed to Checkout”, where you will need to pay a 25% deposit to confirm the container order.


  • Choose your shipping method. You may have us “Custom Quote” the freight for you, or you may choose to arrange your own freight “Collect container from Port of Origin”

  • Select your method of payment for the 25% deposit. Once you select and option, the field will expand with additional instructions.

  • Place your order!


  • Use the left navigation menu as your resource and experience center. There you will find useful information and access to your account details.

  • Under “Recent Orders” you may view pending and completed orders. Click on “View” to access that order’s details.